Hen games and idea´s

Have a Happy Hen do by letting us organise your hen party
When your hen party arrives there will be a meet and greet with the hen planner allocated to make your weekend a sucsess. Every hen will be given a welcome pack with an artinary of the weekend and a pack from the list below for some extra fun.

Pick from the following packs to enhance your Hen weekend experiance.

1.Mystery tour- Work out the clues a mapped way to get the excitment going
2.Truth or Dare- A mixture of getting everyone involved and having a laugh will you do the dare?
3.Treasure Hen Hunt- Find items of clothing and other interesting things
4.Get to know each other better, 20 things you didnt know about each other
5.I Drink to Health of Carnal Puff drinking memory game. only can be done at beginning of night
6.Collect and Go a list of items to be collected on hen route ( No males)

Other games
Dress the bride try to create the brides dress by using toilet paper everyone has there chance to be a designer.
Marriage quiz
What would you do quiz


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