Butler Service Benidorm

Benidorm Butler service with Benidorm hens is the number 1 butler service in Benidorm, it is one of our top 5 activities to do in Benidorm.

Benidorm hens we give you a warm reception when you and your party arrives, the event will  start of with one of our local cocktails just to get you in the mood, Benidorm hens have the added option to make your own cocktails in the glorious sunshine or if that does not suit Benidorm hens have a bar indoors the only bar in Benidorm to have this option.The bride will make her cocktails following our cocktail bartender masterclass then the bridesmaids and rest of the party group will follow.

Benidorm Butler service at Benidorm Hens is a great event for team building and getting the group working and chatting together and having a great time in the process, and when you get home you can have another girlie night making up the cocktails and looking at the photographs of the party a great excuse for another get together.

Book today for as little as 70 pounds deposit and we can come up with a personal payment plan to suit your group.

we are the original butler service in Benidorm, there is only one Benidorm hens

  1. Jacuzzi
  2. Sip your bubbly in the Jacuzzi with butler serving you
  3. Cheeky butler
  4. 5 drinks each
  5. Bubbly /cocktail mix
  6. Bride goes free 10 or more
  7. 70 pounds deposit books this, payment methods to suit individual groups
  8. Book early as only limited spaces for 2017

024 025 378 380 383 384



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