Check list

Hen Party Weekends
1.Decide on the date and provisionary how many are going.
2.Give us all the information on chosen activities and we will do a costing.
3.If you decide on a theme let us know we will continue with the theme and create a unique experiance.
4. Is transport required from Airport let us know and we will include this in to our package.
5. Dont let the bride do any calls if she has had a skinfull no fall outs before the wedding. if the groom whats to know let the best maid do the call remember dont lose her phone.
6.Have fun fun fun its your special weekend go for it.
7.Enjoy the moment then you will treasure the memories.
8.Make sure you all know were everyone ends up. Remember the hangover film no tigers in the bathroom
9.Photocopy your passport before you come to Benidorm it is law that you carry proof of identity if asked by the guardia civil.
10.Remember not to leave anything or anyone behind


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